First course dishes

300/30/2 Meat souse soup (veal, tongue, meat delicacy, pickled cucumbers, capers, olives, lemons, sour cream, greens). pickled cucumbers, capers, olives, lemons, sour cream, greens).
300/2 Fish souse soup (sturgeon, pickled cucumbers, capers, olives, mashed tomatoes, lemon).

Hot Hors D'oevres

100/5/2 Mushroom coquet dish (champignons, butter and sour cream sauce, cheese).
100/120/5/2 Ceps, baked in unpeeled potatoes.
100/5/2 Chicken julienne (fillet chicken, beef tongue,ham, creamy sauce, cheese).
120/2 Crab mesh (Kamchatka crabs, capers, cream sauce, cheese, greens).
120/2 Mussels and cuttlefish (cream sauce, capers, cheese).
150/30 Pancakes with red caviar.
150/30 Pancakes with a slightly salted salmon.
250/10 Pancakes stuffed with meat.
250/10 Pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese.
250/10 Pancakes stuffed with funguses.
250/10 Surprise pancakes stuffed with seafood.
150/10 Russian pancakes with butter.
150/10 Fritters.
150/10 Curd fritters prepared from cottage cheese.
200/10 A natural omelette.
200/10 An omelette with a bacon.
200/10 An omelette with cheese and greens.
200/10 A pancake-like pie (with mushrooms,onions, cabbages, spinach and carrot stuffings and solid cheese)
200/10 A Russian sandwich (Bulgarian sweet pepper, tongue, beef, meat delicacy, spring onions, cream butter, greens)
50 Pies in assortmentmashrooms, meat, apples, eggs)
180 Three-cornered pie (with beef and pork(or with beef and mutton;at customer's request), with potatoes and greens).

Cold Hors D'oevres

10/20/2/1 Cased red caviar (trimmed with butter and greens).
10/20/2/1 Cased black caviar (trimmed with butter and greens).
120/62 Fish allsorts (hot smoked eel, slightly salted salmon, cold-smoked and hot-smoked surgeon, olives, salad, greens, lemon).
75/50/10/5 A slightly salted salmon with an asparagus.
75/30/20/5 A salmon plate (a slightly salted salmon, shrimp chips, garnished with horse-radish and celeriac seasoning).
75/30/10/5 Hot-smoked surgeon with a horse-radish greens.
Hot smoked eel with lemon, olives and greens.
A herring with potatoes and onion prepared a la Moscow.
75/100/5 Pickled herring with sherry (herring fillet steeped in tomato juice and sherry).
A coated herring.
A herring with potatoes and vegetables (tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, olive oil, large onion, greens).
500/500 Sterlet steeped in white wine with vegetables.
125/10/5 Fish rolls (with crab sticks, shrimps, mussels, horse-radish, fennel).
125/10/5 Sovereign (a slightly salted salmon, Emmental cheese, salad, shrimps, fennel, a Dutch sauce, lemon, greens).
125/10/5 Quickie with salmon (a slightly salted salmon, leek, cream, Swiss cheese, greens).
3/60/10/5 Allsorts canape (boiled shrimps, salmon, ham with butter and a horse-radish).
120/10/5/5 Mini-rolls with salmon.
3/60/10/5 “Silly-Dilly & Co” (a canape with a herring, ham, vegetables).
300 Arkhangelsky fish pie (an yeast-dough pie with Siberian salmon and halibut).
100 Rasstegai with pike perch and salmon.
120/45 Meat allsorts (summer sausage, meat delicacy in assortment, gherkins, greens, Cherry tomatoes).
300 Turkey meat satzivi.
Cold boiled pork, tongue, veal garnished with a horse-radish and greens.
75/30/10/5 Pink pork (pork tenderloins steeped in a mixture of a soybean sauce, red wine and honey).
120/5/10 Homemade suet with a garlic and greens.
3/50/10/5 Eastern rolls (muair fungus, carrots, Chile pepper, soybean sprouts, ham, sake, sesame oil, a leaf of salad wrapped with a rice paper).
200/10 Natural vegetables.
200/10/5 Pickles ready served from a cellar.
100/10/10/5 Pickled ceps
360/100 Fresh vegetables steeped in a sauce (seasonal vegetables in assortment served with an “Antchous” sauce).
An elegant vegetable pie (fennel, tomatoes, sweet pepper, aubergines, marrows, spinach, fragrant grasses, a “Russion salad” sauce).
120/10/5 Aubergines (stuffed with walnut, carrots, garlic, mayonnaise).
Crispy aubergines (aubergines with crust of sprouted wheat grains, cheese andfragrant grasses).

Dressing and hot meals

150 Buckwheat porridge
150 Yellow rice
150 Smothered rice
150 Cooked spaghetti(of spinach, carrot, mushroom, "inky", egg)
150 Cooked fettuchini(of spinach, beetroot, egg)
100 French fries
100 Fried potato balls
150 Vegetables (smothered, stewed, fried)
150 "Arlecino" rice (with sweet pepper, carrot & green peas)
150 "Pilav" rice (with sweet peper &champignons)
150 Vegetable mix (aubergines, zucchini, leek, silver onion, garlic, tomatos in vinegar "Aseito Baizamiko" & cognac)
150 Vegetable griddlecake(of zucchini & potato with thyme;for fish & meaty hot dishes)
150 New potato with greens
150 New potato with mushrooms & cracklings
150 Wild brawn smooth rice
150/50 Icy fish served with leek and orange.
370/20 Sturgeon, baked a la Moscow and served with potatoes, funguses, sauce, cheese.
180 Marine tongue with spices and a "Tomato" sauce.
300/100 Carp in a cashew and ginger marinade (baked backbone-free in foil).
3/40/45/50 Pike perch souffle (gentle pike perch souffle served with royal shrimps and "Creamy" sauce.
120/40 Turbo” dietary dish (Mediterranean flounder or halibut baked with a crust of sprouted wheat grains).
120/100 Flounder with olives (pickled flounder fillet baked with Gruyere cheese).
150/30 Fluvial perch fillet with Parmesan cheese.
200/50/50 Pickled duck served with sesame (duck meat fillet served with honey, vegetables and orange segments baked oil-free on a grating).
180/50/50 Larded rabbit (rabbit, summer bacon, carrot, parsnip, celeriac, fragrant grasses and sauce).
200/150 Saddle rabbit meat dish (rabbit boned meat baked with a crust of cheese and parsley and garnished with spinach, baked onions, carrots and parsnip).
150/100 Chicken meat fricassee (chicken meat fillet, stewed with Bulgarian pepper, maize, odorous grasses and greens).
150/50 Crispy chicken legs (chicken shin fillet in sesame served with a "Barbeque" sauce).
100/150 Surprise chicken meat dish (chicken fillet with fragrance of funguses, baked in a mixture of rice and vegetables).
150/50 Teriaki” chicken meat dish (chicken fillet, dry Sherry, an orange).
180 Stuffed chicken fillet (with dried apricots, prunes or funguses).
150/150 Stewed chicken fillet with butter and sour cream sauce.
150/50 Steam chicken round rissoles (served with funguses and butter and sour cream sauce).
180/50 Chicken legs stuffed with a rice vermicelli (chicken legs’ fillet stuffed with vegetables, sesame and a rice vermicelli served with a creamy sauce and an orange).
150/50 Pork barbeque (served with "Barbeque" sauce).
150/50 Allsorts barbeque (pork, beef, "Barbeque" sauce).
2/102/50 Lux pork chop (smoked pork stuffed with eggs, cheese, spinach and served with sauce and Brussels sprouts garnish).
225 Lamb meat in "huts" (lamb meat with a ham and cep garnish baked in a laminated dough).
150/100 “Sherburg” mutton chops (“Crab” cream sauce).
150/100 Lamb meat with a green sauce.
150/50 A ham beefsteak (pork with cloves’ odour, baked oil-free on a grating).
150 Pork in a honey glaze (pork in a glaze of honey, black pepper, "Dijon" mustard, fried oil-free on a grating).
150/50 “Zacarpathian” pork (smoked pork, fried with cheese and cumin).
150/20/50 Smoked boned pork (fried on grill and served with "Mexican sauce").
150/50 Smoked pork, stuffed with pineapple and meat delicacy.
150/100 Veal tenderloin in a shrimp sauce (veal covered with a creamy sauce, sherry and shrimps).
150/50 Lamb meat with leek (funguses, dry Sherry).
100/250 Mutton stew in pots (potatoes, carrots, aubergines, Chile pepper, green peas.)
150 “Teriaki” mutton (lamb meat, dry Sherry, zinziber, a soybean sauce).
300 Mutton chops, baked in foil (mutton, new potatoes, large onion).
150/100 Mutton in red wine (mutton, stewed in red wine with a carrot and parsnip sauce).
130/90 Citric meat-balls (fragrant lamb meat in a citric sauce).
150/50 Mutton barbeque (with “Mango” pungent sauce).
150/100 Zaretchensky whim” (tenderloins steeped in red wine and a sherry sauce).
150/100 Beef saute with “Mango” pungent sauce.
3/50/50 Languet from beef tenderloin, onions sauce.
150/100 “Saint-Dekie” veal chops (veal, stewed with tomatoes, celeriac, odorous grasses).
150/100 Veal chops (veal covered with spinach and tomatoes).
150/50 Beefsteaks from beef tenderloin with bourbon.
150/50 “Offhand” pepper steak (beef tenderloins with pepper and a "Barbeque” sauce.)
150/75/100 Tafelspitz (veal, stewed in white wine with vegetables and a "horse-radish and apple sauce").

Salads and cocktails

150/10/5 Tramp salad (white-headed cabbage, carrots, large onion, garlic, wine vinegar, butter, cumin).
150/10/5 A beet salad with apples (beet, Jonathan apples, lemon, olive oil, wine vinegar, cumin).
150/10/5 An Italian marrow salad (marrows, large onion, garlic, olive oil, green pepper, vegetables).
120/10/5 Greek aubergines (aubergines with walnuts steeped in Balzamico Aceto marinade flavored with olive oil).
120/55 French cheese allsorts (with nuts or dried fruits, or grapes).
125/10/45 Cheese pate (a mixture of fragrant cheeses with broccoli).
125/10/20 A cheese flan (a mixture of soft cheeses with ham and salad).
60 Fancy cake with cheese (made of laminated and yeast dough in assortment).
150/10/5 A Valdorf salad (apple, a celeriac stalk, walnuts, mayonnaise, greens).
150/10/5 A cheese salad (Gruyere cheese, leek, green pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, sour cream).
Stuffed tomatoes (shrimps, walnuts, cheese, mayonnaise, garlic).
Stuffed pepper (rice with vegetables).
Fish salad with a pineapple (tunny-fish, tinned salmon, celeriac, spring onions, mayonnaise, tinned pineapple).
Salad with veal and the “Russian salad” sauce (veal, sweet Bulgarian pepper, basil, Dijon mustard, wine vinegar).
Swiss ham salad (ham, Emmental cheese, pickled cucumber, red onion, grated horse-radish).
Salad with beef and Chile pepper (veal, sweet pepper, Chile pepper, silvery onion, zinziber, Balzamico Aceto).
200/50/30/5 “Caesar” salad with grilled chicken ("Roman" salad, Parmesan cheese, bacon, toasts).
200/50/30/5 “Caesar” salad with shrimps ("Roman” salad, shrimps, bacon, Parmesan cheese, Cherry tomatoes, toasts).
200/10/10/5 “Avocado” cocktail (with mayonnaise, shrimps, tomatoes, parsley, salad).
A special "Valdorf” cocktail (apple, pineapple, celeriac, walnuts, royal shrimps).
A pungent calamar cocktail (calamars, perch fillet, zinziber, mango, a fish sauce, fried peanuts).
150/20/10/5 An octopus cocktail (octopuses, fennel, grape vinegar, olive oil).
A “Fuhrre” lemon (tinned tunny-fish, olive, Dijon mustard, fresh-cream, black caviar, greens).
A Thai meat cocktail (chicken fillet, pork carbonate, fresh pineapple, royal shrimps, fried peanuts).

Desserts, fruits, misc

100 Assorted postry range (honey, "Bird's milk", souffle,cheese dessert "Zifa", lemon cake, "Prague" cake)
100 "Chak-chak" (anthill)
100 Apfelstrudel
Chocolate cake
Cake "Daniel"
Fruit pottle(with cheese cream)
Pastry nut with cream
Pastry "Chestnut"
Cake "Caprice"
Cake "Zebra"
Creamy pottle
100 Assorted dried fruits & nuts (dried apricots, prunes, figs, bananas, rasins, pears, peaches)(cashew, brazil lambert, hazel, pistachio, walnut, almond)
120/30 Fruit kebab in jelly
200 Chocolate glazed (Pineapple, Pear, Strawberry)
150 Chocolate glazed Strawberry
200 Chocolate glazed sweet cherry saturated with rum
200 Chocolate orange suffle
200/10 Chocolate orange mousse
200/10 Coffee mousse
150 Creamy suffle
210 "Hot Cuddle"(prunes, stuffed with almonds, saturated with "Cointreau" topped with cream)
100/50 Dessert "Tiramisu"
1000 Fruit caroussel
1\2.0 Pineapple "Flamber"
1\3.0 Water melon dessert dish
1000 Raspberry, blackberry, creat bilberry
1000 Strawberry
1000 Pineapple, tangerines, apples, pears, oranges, kiwi, bananas
1000 nectarines, peaches, apricots, persimmons,kaki
1000 Mini pineapple, dates, plums melon, watermelon, grapes

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