VIP flights

A VIP flight guarantees you flexible schedule, short time of execution and wide range of services. VIP passengers are normally granted various extra services (which aren't rendered when taking a regular flight) like attendance of VIP lounges in airports with a special faster and easier procedure of passport and customs control. VIP passengers are allowed to compose the menu for the flight on their own desire (we provide wide choice of starters, main courses and beverages from leading food suppliers for VIP flights) and access the gangway by their own auto (on additional request). Besides no one would argue that a VIP flight guarantees you much more safety and security.

Our company provides comfortable, refurbished airplanes equipped with modern video and audio sets. On board a plane you are attended by a professional team (the crew, stewards and stewardesses and a Flight Manager).

Flight Manager is a person who meets you at the airport, guides you to board a plane and sees everything is being done properly during the flight. Being constantly in touch with dispatchers Flight Manager is to report on the flight execution and is obliged to render any assistance to the passengers.

If you are one of our constant clients - you may even reserve the aircraft you already know and like the best.

Thus a VIP flight is the choice for people who

  • Care for their comfort and safety
  • Appreciate their time
  • Can allow themselves to quite usual inconveniences connected with traveling!

Group charters

In case of necessity to ferry a group of people it is often the best choice to charter an aircraft. This lets you solve several problems at once - you won't wait for a regular flight departure date, you will be able to visit several cities a day, you will be traveling with comfort and at last it's a chance to save money!

Should you are invited to a wedding party in Sotchi for a week-end and have to be back to work on Monday morning, should you are planning a business and non-scheduled tour on some complicated route - a charter flight will be an advantage! Call us and we will do it for you.

Special charters

Sometimes you may come across an uncommon situation in which it is impossible to take a regular plane. For example you need to deliver a large sum of money and guarantee its safety or maybe your shift workers have to travel from North to East - again in this situation to carter an aircraft will be the best choice. A personal aircraft may also be used for ritual services. In all these cases we will do our best to help you.

Cargo transportations

Passenger flights are not the only kind of transportation we deal with. In case you need to ferry cargo we will submit you a cargo board and plan the cargo delivery on the same terms as all passenger flights we organize - according to your timetable and route.

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