Internet flight ordering requires acceptance of the following agreement. Please read this carefully.

  1. Hereby contractor promise to arrange and execute the flight on the client-designated route in time specified, including all the extra wishes if this does not go into contradiction with the points 2-10 of the following agreement

  2. Client bear full responsibility for the payments concerned with the flight arrangement as well as for provision of information vital for the flight arrangement.

  3. Contractor bear no responsibility for the delay in order processing, if this delay is directly concerned with Internet technical issues or so

  4. Contractor bear no responsibility for order delivery if this is in concern with technical issues of site functionality

  5. Contractor does not give any written promise of immediate order processing as it arrives. As orders are processed on regular basis, contractor reserves its right to change this basis without any preliminary notice given to the client.

  6. Contractor bear no responsibility for delays in flight arrangement if these delays are in concern with client's incapability to secure the payment in time in no dependence with the reasons which lead for this.

  7. Contractor bear no responsibility for delays in flight arrangement concerned with client's incapability to provide all the information necessary for the arrangement

  8. Contractor reserves its right to ignore order which does not have all the required fields filled.

  9. Orders, having contact phone, and/or fax not stated, with empty contact person field are not being processed

  10. Contractor reserves its right not to process any order which go in contraversion with points 2-10 of the stated agreement.

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