Tu-134 (65927)

Tu-134 (65927) is an aircraft of A3 model modified for VIP flights. What differs Tu-134 from Yak-40 is certainly size, passenger capacity, higher speed and flight distance. Tu-134 will be the best Russian aircraft to ferry from 16 to 40 people within 3500 km.
This aircraft in particular is equipped with modern avionics and extra fuel tanks, which makes it possible to extend the flight distance. Tu-134 (65927) has four saloons, the first two of them are VIP saloons (passenger capacity is five passengers in each one) and two
others are of business class (made for twelve passengers each). Such division allows to separate main passengers from the escorting group or guards.

Inner arrangement and technical characteristics

1. Wardrobe
2. Bar
3. WC
4. Equipment cabinet
5. Lounge
6. Two-seat lounge
7. Table
8. Passengers seats
9. Air ramp tower
10. Swiwel convertible armchair
11. Main passenger's table

Seats 42
(12 first-class)
Cruise speed 800 km/h
Maximum flight distance 3500 km
Minimum runway distance 2200 m
Crew 7 persons

Plane's outside and interiors


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